Shopify discount codes are not shown in Klaviyo

  • 16 June 2023
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We started using the Easy Bundle Shopify App in Shopify to create our bundles.  

This App automatically creates different discount codes for different bundles e.g. we have a 4, 8 and 12 week bundle and customers can customize the flavours they want in this bundle. 


Depending on which bundle the customers chose, the discount code is applied e.g. lower discount for the 4 week bundle and higher discount for the 12 week bundle. 


Now we want to identify the buyers of the 4, 8 and 12 week bundle in Klaviyo and the only way I have in mind is by using the unique discount codes generated. We can’t use the products because the same products are used in the 4,8 and 12 week package. 


Klaviyo has the function to segment by discount code. The problem is, that Klaviyo doesn’t find the discount code generated by the easy bundle shopify app. 

So when I try to segment those customers by: Placer order at least once over all time where discount code contains 


It doesn’t find the discount code. Even though we have orders in shopify using the discount code. 

What could be the issue and what might be ways to solve the problem?


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Hi there @MichaelKa


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


While you can segment using Shopify coupons, there are limitations. For instance, you can only segment static coupons or a singular unique coupon code. However, I’d love to try to help you create a workaround to gather this information on this specific group of customers so you can up-sell accordingly. 


If each bundle has its own SKU, you could create segments to find users who have ordered 4 week SKU vs 8 week and so on. In this case you would have three segments trying to find uses who bought at least one SKU for each specific week bundle. An example of the segment conditions to find someone who purchased a 4 week bundle would be : What someone has/hasn’t done > Ordered Product > At least once (or whatever time frame you want) > over all time > where SKU equals > ____ OR  ____ (put in all SKUs for the 4 week bundles ).


Additionally, you could also  create a Shopify collection tag for each different time frame of bundle options, so three tags total, one for the 4 week bundles, one for 8 etc. and then segment off of this Shopify tag. One of our Community Champions gave an example of this to fellow user who asked a similar question below.


Thanks for participating in the Community. Hope this helps!



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Hi @MichaelKa,

Great to have you here on the community.

Looking at your question you want to have a way to distinguish the people who've bought the bundles from the app.

My suggestions is to check which unique information is flowing into Klaviyo from an order and if it's enough to be able create a segment of it.

If it isn't then maybe check Shopify Flow and see if you can add tags to order or customer that just bought.



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