Text size on mobile not changing


Hey guys, I’m setting up an email where I want the text size to be 18px

While the size is updating on desktop, this isn’t the case on mobile.

And yes, I’ve changed both the universal styles mobile text to 18 px as well as the text size in the editor to 18px

Also read similar discussions here before posting but none of them worked for me

Anyone knows a way to sort this out?

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Hi @Fadel H


Welcome to the Community! Thanks for sharing your question with us. 


Great job on investigating what might already be the issue here, I definitely think you’re on the right track! In my experience, this issue can appear when styling is automatically changed when the ‘mobile optimization’ feature is toggled on, as shown below and in this fellow Community users’s issue. 


 If you are certain this isn’t the issue, I’d also investigate:

  • whether or not there is any extra CSS in the code of your template that is reverting this style to another size on mobile viewing
  • toggle onto your mobile preview in template mode and made sure there aren’t any additional text boxes that are ‘mobile only’ that are set to another font size that might be interfering with implementing the 18px you want


Additionally, can you confirm that the old text size you’re seeing on mobile is a test email you’re viewing on your phones vs. in the mobile preview of the template editor? It’s typically best practice to send an email to oneself or others to test how an email will hit an inbox or phone vs only viewing it in the editor.


Finally, if none of these potential paths have shed any light on the situation, could you send a screenshot of what the text styling and size in your editor looks like and what it looks like on your phone vs. what it should look like? 


Thanks for participating in the Community! 



Hey Taylor, 

Thank you so much for the effort in your answer!

First of all, I tried turning off mobile optimization but it didn't work.

But I'm wondering, could this be because I'm previewing the email? The thing is I don't wanna send it the text size isn't correct so I have to make sure.

Is there a way around this?

Thank you. 


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Hi Fadel, you can send yourself a preview email and open it on your phone.  Were you able to do that and see if it rendered correctly?