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  • 22 February 2022
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Hi all,

We recently launched our TikTok account and I wanted to add the TikTok social button to our Social Links saved block but TikTok still isn't listed as an option.

Have looked online to try to find the exact same design as the other buttons that we already have in place (default image of Linkedin logo, Facebook, Insta...etc...) to upload it as a Custom button but couldn't find it.

Can anyone share it across please if you already made it? Or can Klaviyo support tell us when TikTok will be added to the list of default social logos?




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To add the social icons in your email, take the “Social Links” block and drop it in the email on a place where you want your social icons to appear, typically in the footer of the email.

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Hi, @Global_sale1 . Sorry if the question wasn't clear:

I know how to add Social Links blocks, and I already have them set up in all my email templates as per the image I shared.

Today, I want to add the TikTok social link. My problem is that it's not a default option in the list of social links you can add. I would need a custom logo that is in the same style as the other social buttons OR I would need for Klaviyo to finally add TikTok as a pre-set option.

Hope it clarifies it.


Ohh okay, now I understand your point and know what you’re talking about now .

Won’t you mind knowing more about you 

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Hi @Diane


Welcome to the Community! Sorry for the delay, yes as of right now, there is not default TikTok social link option. This is submitted as a feature request currently, however, in the meantime I believe I have a suitable workaround! 


In the meantime, you can add a custom icon, as you mentioned. You would select the Custom option where you can then upload your own TikTok icon:


If you go this route, we recommend using images that are 96px square. To maintain spacing and alignment between Klaviyo's social icons and your custom images, use icons that are 50px wide, and both vertically and horizontally centered in the image file in your Email Template Editor. You can then save this social media block so you can use it in other messages, without having to rebuild each time! 


Thanks for sharing your question with us and thanks @Global_sale1 for trying to help your peer with this question! me?tid=810090&ts=2022-02-24T17:03:16Z&aid=412091767811&oid=klaviyo&uuid=4fd037a4-a950-4127-aa7d-06886dfaa720