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Hi! I created a new welcome flow containing a unique coupon code generated by Klavyio. I’ve had a few customers enter this flow and see the unique coupon codes on their profiles but if I search these codes in Shopify, they do not show as existing. Does anyone have any insights as to why that is? I do see the unique codes in the Klaviyo coupon history report.


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Hi @cbartels 


Thanks for sharing with the community! I’m wondering if you could provide a bit more clarification so a member of the community can chime in here if they have any ideas.


Have the coupons worked for the people who checked out with them? Is it still generating codes?

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Hello @cbartels,

@cassy.lee has a great Community post on this topic which you can find below! In the post she goes over how coupon codes created within Klaviyo interact with Shopify and some quirks it may bring up.

As she has mentioned, although searching for a specific coupon code in Shopify would not return an existing code, searching for the coupon name and clicking the “View all codes” would allow you to see all the codes generated.

Hope this helps!


Badge +4 Thank you! @cassy.lee ‘s Community post addresses my question perfectly.