Unknown tag "unsubscribe_link"

  • 12 August 2021
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Hi all,

I am trying to import Klaviyo’s templates into Shopify, but getting an error Body HTML Liquid syntax error , unknown tag “unsubscribe_link”

Han you please help?


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4 replies

Thanks Dov!

I appreciate your timely and detailed response! :-)

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Hi @TheGSG,

Thanks for your question.

It is not mandatory to include the store address in your order confirmation email but it is recommended. We include the tag for the store address in our default Shopify Order Confirmation (designed for use in Shopify).

That tag is: 

{{ shop_name }}

Since this order confirmation template is designed for use only in Shopify and therefore uses Shopify’s template syntax, it’s expected that the tags we use in Klaviyo’s order confirmation email (designed for use in Klaviyo, i.e. the tags you mentioned above for org name and address) won’t render in Shopify.

If you’d like to include the organization address, I’d recommend checking in with Shopify to see which one of their tags will populate that information for you.

Hi Dov,

This is helpful. Thank you! I do have another similar question though.

You mentioned that adding Unsubscribe tag is not needed for a Transactional email. However, what about the mailing address of the organization? Is it mandatory to mention the store address in the footer for Transactional emails as well?

I’m using the following tags - which were successfully imported in Shopify but it’s not showing in test emails: {{ }} {{ organization.full_address }}

I’d highly appreciate your any help on this.

Thank you in advance. 

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Hello @Cruelty-Free Babe,

Thanks for sharing this with the Community.

Please remove the {% unsubscribe %} tag from your email template and re-export.

That tag is a Klaviyo tag, not a Shopify one and because you are trying to export a Transactional email, you do not need an Unsubscribe link as you do not want to have customers accidentally unsubscribing from their receipts and order confirmation emails.