Unwanted underlined logo/image in header

  • 9 August 2023
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I’m designing a template for a client (just creating new Universal Content blocks).  Test emails render correctly on Outlook Mac, Gmail (via Chrome), Apple Mail and some others.

I’ve used the ‘Split’ block to create the header with a logo on the left and button (as another image) on the right. The white logo is a transparant PNG and doesn’t have the line embedded and is placed on a dark blue background.

One of the stakeholders is using Microsoft Mail (v16005.14326.21524.0) on Windows 11 and is getting a thin white underline spanning the width of the logo/box.

Originally the logo has a URL to the website, but removed that thinking it’s created by being a hyperlink.  The other button image on the right doesn’t have the underline.

Does anyone know how to fix it i.e. remove the white underline?





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Hi @Neel!

Would you be willing to provide screenshots of the template in editor and the resulting email with the unwanted underline?


I think this would help myself and other Community members understand the issue better.





Hi Brian

Thanks for your reply.  Indeed, I was hoping to, but couldn’t see a place to upload them on the original post settings (but perhaps I missed it in a rush) - fortunately there is the option on replies.

I’ve blurred the logo as we’ve not launched yet, but you can see the issue.

I’ve also tested on Windows 10 Mail and can replicate it.  I did notice that Microsoft are replacing Windows Mail with a version of Outlook in 2024 and when I tested the beta, the email rendered correctly.

I’d love to be able to fix it and any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.



Screenshot from Microsoft Mail
Klaviyo Editor - no line appears


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Hey @Neel,

Since this sort of behavior doesn’t occur in other inboxes such as Gmail, this seems to be the Microsoft/Outlook rendering issue. This issue actually originates with Microsoft/Outlook’s rendering engine, which we explain in our My email looks different when viewed in Microsoft Outlook help center article. 

I’ve also included some past Community posts on this topic which you might find helpful in reviewing as well:

I hope this helps!



Thanks @David To.  Unfortunately that’s what I suspected and had originally mentioned to my client.  Will investigate a little further and post any findings in case it’s useful for the community.



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I’m sure other Community members would really appreciate your findings, @Neel!

Thanks for being a part of our Klaviyo Community!