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  • 15 October 2022
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I would like to get a good insight in which couponcodes are used by customer, prefarably linked to an order.

How can I do that? Report? Segment?

Any suggestions?

Appreciate your help.


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9 replies

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Hi @Ruud - The Bulb Farmers, if you’re using Shopify you can do that in the Sales By Discount report in your Shopify Reporting section:

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Thanks Manny, but we are using Shopware. Any suggestions?

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Hi @Ruud - The Bulb Farmers ,

Unfortunately, Klaviyo doesn't have a native integration with Shopware 6 but you can utilize a third party integration in order to connect your Shopware platform with Klaviyo. I have included some resources below that explores a few options with syncing Shopware to Klaviyo.

Klaviyo + Shopware Integration

Helpful Links

Review Your Integrations
How Information Is Exchanged Between Klaviyo and Apps
Integration FAQ

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Thanks Alex.

We have already connection between Klaviyo and Shopware.


My question is which setting to use to make a (custom) report including the used coupons. Any suggestions?


Or maybe define a segment including customers which have used a coupon?

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Hi there @Ruud - The Bulb Farmers ,

If you upload the coupon codes from Shopware into Klaviyo, you could use a conditional that is based on who uses a coupon. 

 We don’t sync or support Coupons through the plugin so if you do have a list of codes, then manual upload would be the way to go.


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Thanks for the feedback. 

My question is whether it is possible to reflect in a report which customers/orders used which couponcodes.

Appreciate your feedback.

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Hey @Ruud - The Bulb Farmers,

For a number of our native integrations such as Shopify, you can accomplish this through several methods: 

  1. Grouping the Placed Order metric data in it’s chart view using “By Discount Code”


  2. Filtering the Placed Order metric data by “Discount codes equal X”


  3. Running a single metric deep dive report on the Placed Order metric by either grouping or filtering by discount code

Since Shopware would have a custom integration with Klaviyo, this would all hinge on how the Placed Order metric is being passed to Klaviyo. If your custom Placed Order event is using the same format as what we suggest in our Integrate a platform without a pre-built Klaviyo integration Developer Portal, you should be able to use the same methods mentioned. 

Else, I would suggest exploring if you have the capability to generate a similar report within your Shopware’s backend. 



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Thanks David.

We use Shopware and cannot find the property ‘Discount codes’ in the selection box for the filter/group (as is possible with Shopify).  However we can find it at profiles, but it is seperate from properties etc.. Any suggestion how we can make that visible in the drop-down?


p.s. we use Shopware cLoud and they do not supprt any report with discount codes as you suggested.


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If you use dynamic, unique codes, forget about ever trying to generate any reports.

It is technically possible. But as Klaviyo does not let you filter coupons by their prefix, you literally have to select every single unique code, one by one. In some countries, it’s used as a form of torture. It’s brutal!