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  • 21 September 2023
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"My product requires sending a sample design to the customer after they place an order for them to review and make edits. Is there any direct 'variable event' that can send our trial product into an email? We design the sample product using an external web, so each time there's a design, we have to manually send it to each customer.

P.s. I noticed a new feature called "webhook". What can I do with it?

Thank you very much."


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3 replies

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Hi @lisa11203915,

Welcome to the Community! 

Can you share a little bit more information about the type of website you currently have integrated with your Klaviyo account? Knowing what platform your site is built on will help Community members to assist you with your query. 



-- Ashley Ismailovski


Actually, we design templates using Photoshop, and then our design team uploads them to Google Drive. We retrieve the design templates from Google Drive and send them to each customer via email manually, waiting for their feedback. Is there a way to automate this process?

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Hi there @lisa11203915


At the moment, there isn’t an easy way to automate youe process as is, however, there is a potential automated workaround possible by utilizing a third party application,  Zapier, to connect Google Drive and Klaviyo!


 If you are interested in this process, you could automate an email flow for customers who you are sending a design to when they are added to their own google drive for instance with their template and then a personalized email would be sent to your customer with a dynamic link to access their template in their individual google folder. 


I’d recommend connecting with one of our partners to set this up for you!