View the allocation of unique discounts created through Klaviyo

  • 3 February 2023
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Hi community!

I have a question. Is it possible to see within Klaviyo a list of users that have receive a unique discount code created on Klavio?

I’m trying to see what codes belog to each user, but can’t find that info. 


Best answer by Ashley I. 3 February 2023, 19:07

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Hi @Lorena Jaqueline ,

Great question! 

You can export coupon data from Klaviyo by first navigating to the Coupons tab within your account. From here (depending on how you have your dynamic coupon codes configured) you should be able to click the three dots next to the individual coupon code you would like to export data for. You can select “View History” from the dropdown menu presented, and export your coupon data on the following screen. The report will generate a CSV which will show you the coupon codes sent to individual users. You may also choose to export only certain types of coupon codes depending on your use case, including:

  • Active and expired codes (the default)
  • Active codes only
  • Expired codes only

For more information, feel free to check out the How to export coupon information guide posted to the Klaviyo Help Center. 


I hope this is helpful!

- Ashley Ismailovski

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Thanks a lot @Ashley I. :) 
I’ll do that.