Why are my WooCommerce Product Images Not Working in Abandoned Cart Email Template?

  • 8 December 2021
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Trying to bring in Abandoned cart data into a custom template. I created a fresh abandoned cart workflow, saved the default “Cart Items” block of code that Klaviyo generates. I switch the template and insert the block, but I cannot get product images to show for the life of me. ONE product will show an image, and the rest are blank. It’s an uncommon product so typically the entire list is missing images.


I’ve read all the articles and can’t get this working for the life of me! 






Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 8 December 2021, 22:39

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3 replies

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HI @VinnieT,


Thanks for sharing your question with us! I am very sorry for the inconvenience you’re experiencing and understand how frustrating this must have been. 


There could be many reasons why these images aren’t populating correctly. Typically, when I’ve experienced this issue, I first walk through different steps to narrow down what the potential issue might be and check the following:

  • The Products are published on the brand’s website
  • The flow has the correct trigger, 
  • The integration is healthy and presently syncing successfully
  • The table is ‘Dynamic’ vs. ‘Static’ 
  • The syntax of the codes used are correct, as even a missing/additional letter or space can cause problems
  • The correct data is found in the preview event data and is not missing


However, upon looking at your helpful screenshots, since it seems like the product titles, quantity value, and price are populating, it would seem that the data source might not have been set up correctly.


From my experience, I would double check that the image these products are linked to is referencing a viable link and ensuring that there is nothing missing or linking improperly in your backend catalog. One way to test this quickly would be to copy and paste the image URL from the preview event data in your screenshot above and paste it into a new tab and see where it takes you.  If it takes you to a blank page or tells you theres an error, that’s an indicator that this indeed is the root of the issue. 


Thanks for participating in the Community! 


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Hey @Taylor Tarpley 

Thank you for the helpful response. 

I went through your checklist and had previously confirmed most all items. One I didn’t was the trigger, but only because I used a cart abandonment flow from the Klaviyo gallery of ideas.


What’s confusing is why ONE product (for our purposes here, Product A) will show an image (if it is in a preview example’s cart), but the rest of the item do not. Product A is the only one that consistently shows. That led me to believe there was something wrong with the photo URLs, but nope - Klaviyo is pulling the correct and valid URLs in the Preview Email (screen shot 2, last post). 

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Hi @VinnieT


You mentioned that you walked through my checklist and went through almost all of my items, however did you get to manually inputting the item URLs in another tab to see what it displays as well as investigating the backend of your catalog? I still strongly believe that this is the root of your issues. However, as I cannot investigate into the details of your account to confirm the issue, you could reach out to our awesome Support team to get the bottom of this! 


Have a great weekend and thanks for being a part of the Community!