Why can't I crop images?

  • 23 September 2022
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I can't really show screenshot right now but I will explain to my best ability.


I am uploading some email templates on Klaviyo (mostly image-based) which means I have to be cropping and cropping so I can link sections that have to be linked and it has been going smoothly as I have already uploaded about 17 emails already.


Now suddenly, when I click on "crop" in the image editor on Klaviyo, it doesn't bring the height and width number adjuster (this is what allows me to select the height of my new cropping)


It just gives me certain frames to choose from like 1:1, 16:9, 10:8


I can't adjust the way I want. What kind of bug is this?


This has happened before but I just found my way to edit outside of Klaviyo but I can't do that now. Can you fix this?




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2 replies

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Hey @Favewriter ,

Two ways:

  1. Klaviyo Editor
    There should still be a crop tool where you can set your own crop. I attached a screenshot. You can set the height/width in pixel by tying in the values or by clicking the image itself and drag/drop the highlighted area over the image.
  2. Work outside of Klaviyo
    I’m a personal fan of uploading the exact specs of the image needed and try to limit use of padding and adjusting the size. This helps reduce formatting errors on email platforms like Outlook. A really great free tool for this is Plus you can ensure you’re uploading a web optimized image.


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Thanks a lot. 


I have been cropping images the way shown in your screenshot but the problem I am facing now is that the part you circle suddenly gets hidden and I can't crop the way I want. 


I logged out and logged in back, tried login into Klaviyo even on mobile and another laptop. Still same thing. Check this screenshot