Why does klaviyo's new editor work so slow?

  • 30 January 2022
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Hi, when I use klaviyo’s new editor for creating a new email template, it works very slowly. That is the reason it takes a lot of time to design an email template, which is very annoying. Is it just happening to me? Is there any solution?  


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10 replies

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Hi there @Anik174,

Welcome and thanks for posting your question to the Community!

Sorry to hear about the performance issues you are running into with the new template editor. Rest assured, we currently have an entire team dedicated to ironing out any bugs/glitches/loading delays/etc. with the new template editor. One common solution as always is to clearing cache which should help performance. I have also heard that performance could be impacted on some PCs. If not you can always provide feedback directly in the new editor!

I do apologize for any inconveniences the new editor has caused. If you're more comfortable navigating the classic editor, please feel free to use it. We'll ensure it's still accessible until we're 100% confident the new editor is functioning as expected and is up to our standards, as well as yours.

Thank you!

Good evening,  we have the latest Macbook Pro M1 Max and the overall platform is quite slow vs other services. 

Do you have any timeline on when it will be better? It’s kinda long to work with the editor and flows at the moment. 

Reports in flows per email are also loading quite slowly. 

Thank you,

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Hi there @Marc Benard,

I believe you were experiencing the side effects from a recent incident that affected our platform and not just the template editor. I see now that the issues have been resolved on our end. But I would also suggest that updating your browser and computer, clearing the cache, restarting your browser and computer and doing an overload of these things may cause speed issues on the platform of your computer. Since Klaviyo is web based, any performance issues on our end would come from internet speeds or servers as opposed to the technology you are using.





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You know things are dire when even the support buttons are broken / not displaying correctly


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Hi there @dcmaia,

Thank you for bringing that to light. When this occurs we usually find it fixed by clearing your cache and cookies then restarting your browser. I don’t see the error recreated on my end so please let me know if you still see an issue.


Thank you,


I don’t think it’s the incident from the other day, all of our teams find the flows loading and click quite laggy and slow.

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Hello @Marc Benard ,

Again, since Klaviyo is web based and assuming there are no reported internal server issues, we have seen that issues customers face with performance are client sided. Klaviyo is web based.

That being said, there could be some reasons why you and your team are facing load issues.

1. Viewing Analytics. 
Customers have seen that if they set the Flow to Show Analytics for the past 90 days right when you open the Flow, it will take a few moments for the analytics to refresh for the selected time period, after which you can then click into and edit the Flow. 

I recommend clicking on the Hide Analytics button at the top of the page:

Instead of trying to load the emails and data simultaneously, this setting will have your emails load first. You Flow path will look like this and should load very quickly, allowing you to access the emails immediately:

Then, if you'd like to take a look at the open/click rates from the overview, you can then select Show Analytics so the engagement metrics load on the overview page. This should help everything load more quickly. ​

2. Browser and/or Plugins
You may have an app on your browser that’s preventing Custom Analytics and other Klaviyo features from working as intended. Niche browsers like Brave and ad-blockers can prevent Klaviyo features from working properly. Please switch to an alternative browser (i.e. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.), incognito/private mode, or disable any ad blockers on your browser. 



is this still an issue not sorted?  Text editing for us in Safari is SOOOO slow even after clearing cache.  Is there something we can do to sort?

This is still happening for me. It’s almost impossible to get anything done with the pause in typing text

This is still happening for me. It’s almost impossible to get anything done with the pause in typing text

Same here. Tried on a fast PC and a new Mac in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Cache deleted, logged out, nothing improves. Always connected to fibre-optic connections via cable and speedtest and speed of use in other apps show theres nothing wrong ‘client-side’.

Klaviyo clearly skipped the QA to launch this before the price hike!