Will a customer receive a new coupon code after they purchase?

  • 8 March 2022
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We have a custom event set up where if a user passes through said event, they receive an email with a dynamic code.


I understand that if the code is not used, they will receive the same code in follow up emails but what I’m looking to answer is the following:


  1. If the customer passes through the event, receives a discount code, then uses the discount code, will they receive a new dynamic code?
  2. If the customer passes through the event, receives a discount code, doesn’t use the code, then passes through the event again, will they receive the original unused code or a new dynamic code?

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3 replies

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Hi Kelly, great questions!


Regarding question 1, from this help article, it looks like they will get the code until it expires.  Curious though, what kind of flow would this be to keep the subscriber in there and showing them discounts after they placed a purchase (all of the ecomm sites I’ve worked on would kick that subscriber out of the flow and they’d go into a new flow - ie. post purchase).


Regarding questions 2, they will get the same code until it expires (even if they leave the flow and re-enter it).  See below for a blurb on that from the same help article link mentioned above.


Any flow that contains a coupon that does not expire will send the same code to a customer each time they enter the flow path. If you expect a customer to navigate through a flow multiple times, you may want to use a coupon that expires so that each time they enter the flow, they receive a new code.

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@Mailbox Manny Thanks for the feedback!


To add more context, we are partnered with a race registration platform. When a participant “checks out” on their site, they can opt-in to receive a discount for our products. After the user opts in, a flow is triggered through a custom metric where a discount code is dispensed.


If a customer places an order, they’re booted from the flow. But if that customer registers for another race, we want to ensure a new code is dispensed to them if the old one has been used.


That being said, it would be hard to ensure the codes expire before they sign up again. So I’m hoping there may be a way to identify if a code is used and send a new code based on this data.


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Ah, interesting use case!  Curious, do you have data when people usually sign up for races (ie. every 2 months, all at the same time, etc..)


Or, with that custom data that is sent over, can it include what race and add to the subscriber profile? Then you can create a flow for every race (if it’s manageable)