Getting started with the Klaviyo Community

Getting started with the Klaviyo Community
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Hello and welcome to the Klaviyo Community! 

As a Community member, you’ll be able to collaborate with Klaviyo users and partners to learn, grow, and share tips on leveling up your ecommerce business.
Ready to get started? Take a look through these 5 steps to make sure you’re off to a successful start! 

1. Complete your profile information

Add your profile picture to help build connections. By adding additional information to your profile, you are more likely to build a stronger network, and receive better and quicker replies from other users.

In order to complete your profile information, navigate to My Profile (accessed by clicking your avatar) page


Click on your avatar next to “+ New Post” to access your Profile page

Make sure to include:

  • A profile picture (you can add a picture of yourself or your company's logo)
  • A signature 
    • This will appear at the bottom of every post you create (feel free to add a link to your website as well)
  • The city and country you live in
  • A little about yourself or your company
  • Your job title

2. Join a user group to connect with your peers 

We offer several user groups within our community. These groups are spaces where you can seek advice from others who come from similar backgrounds. Our current offerings are:


Once you’ve found your group to join, say “hello” and share a little about yourself in the welcome section at the top of the group page.

Click on the Welcome post to introduce yourself.



3. Get acquainted with rewards and recognition within our community

Your contributions make our community thrive so we want to reward that! From badges, ranks, and benefits in our Superuser and Champion programs, we are excited to recognize the valuable insights, answers, and feedback you bring to our Community.

[Image of badge and ranks]

4. Share your perspective and your experience

We strive to create an inclusive community  so we can all feel comfortable sharing our knowledge and experiences, so feel free to chime in! As you participate and provide answers for other community members, you’ll earn new ranks and badges for replying in threads, asking questions, and especially when you answer others’ questions!

5. Learn from thought leaders 

We have an elite group of Champions who have years of experience and a breadth of knowledge about Klaviyo and marketing. You can learn from them as they publish articles in our Show & Tell section and also in our user groups.


We’re so excited to have you join us!
- The Klaviyo Community Team


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