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Welcome Series Setup and Best Practices

  • 21 September 2020
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Hi. I have created a welcome flow that sends emails 7-days after the order fulfilment flag in Shopify to allow time for the product to arrive and be used.

One email is for active subscribers (based on a shopify tag value) with a split that sends an email variant to non-subscribers (single purchase).

The non-subscribers receive a welcome email that highlights the benefits of a subscription.

My question: how can I measure the effectiveness of the flow for non-subscribers i.e converting them to a subscriber? If they subsequently place a subscription order, the shopify tag will be updated to show this has happened but I can’t see a way of attributing that status change to the flow.

Possible to do this? Any ideas appreciated!

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I’m totally new to this.  Is there a place that helps you understand how to edit each of the welcome emails?  For instance, on the 3rd email under each of the 4 blocks it says “ Read More” with hyperlink.  How do I add the reminder of the information to that block of information?

Is there a very basic step-by-step guide to working on each of the emails?

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Thanks Cassy - I’m not too sure, but I think because I had one email in the flow accidentally in draft that the whole flow wasn’t sending correctly. I hope that helps!

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Hi @veeaubrey - thanks for sharing both your question, and that you have found a solution! As this Community forum is aimed at everyone learning from one another and growing together, if you have the time, we’d love it if you could share your findings so that other members may also see it in the future! 

Thanks so much and hope you’re having a lovely week so far,

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*****EDIT: Solution found - please disregard!**** When I add people manually to my list, it is not triggering the welcome flow. Any ideas? Thank you!