Can't find order status URL View your order to shopify status page

  • 23 January 2022
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I’m using shopify and I made email templates in klaviyo since I don’t really like the default notification email’s from shopify. I made a confirmation email so when a customer orders from my store they’ll get their order details. In the button block in the image below where it says Link URL, I want the customer to go straight to the shopify order status page like in the second image below. I can’t seem to find the URL. Help will be appreciated?



Second image  Has a fake name and address I got it from google as an example.




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Hello @RX777,

Good question!

I would suggest trying out the {{ event.extra.order_status_url }} variable syntax as @Dov and @alex.hong mentioned in the following Community posts:

If that syntax doesn’t work, I would suggest taking the steps outlined by Alex in the above Community post on reviewing your own event data and finding the correct variable syntax that corresponds to the link/URL you wanted the recipient to reach. To learn more using variable syntax and event data, I would recommend taking a look at our About Using Event Variables to Personalize Flows and Guide to Template Tags and Variable Syntax Help Center articles.

I hope this helps!