Facebook Lead Ads do not use the double opt-in feature. How do I create a double opt-in flow to remain GDPR compliant?

  • 18 February 2021
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Facebook Lead Ads do not use the double opt-in feature. How do I create a double opt-in flow to remain GDPR compliant?

Since you cannot use Klaviyo's natural double opt-in for Facebook Lead Ads, your customers will automatically be added to the assigned List of the ad. To create your own double opt-in, have this List trigger a Flow. There are two options to collect opt-in confirmation:

  • collect consent via a custom profile property
  • subscribing to a secondary list

Custom Profile Property:  Follow the steps in our article on Using Buttons in an Email to Collect Information About Your Recipients to add two buttons to your first flow email. These buttons could be "yes" or "no" and follow the question of "would you like to opt-in to receive marketing emails from our company?" These buttons should assign a custom profile property of "opt-in true" or "opt-in false." Whichever button your customer clicks, that property will be assigned to their profile. You can then use that custom profile property to exclude and filter out any customers that have "opt-in false" set on their profile.

Secondary List Confirmation: If you would rather assign the customers who opt-in to a secondary list, follow the steps in this document to find the link to a list's subscribe page: First, you'll need to Find the Subscribe Link for a List. Once you have the link, you can input it into your flow email and prompt customers who want to opt-in to click through a button or link to that subscribe page form. Your customers will then fill out this form and be added to the secondary list, signaling that they desire to receive marketing emails from your company. You can set this list to either single or double opt-in, whichever you prefer.

4 replies

Is there another Solution? Because in either ways the “Opt-In” Mail coming from the flow is identified as “Promotion” in Gmail for instance, so its not in the Mail Inbox. This is not optimal….

Can you help?


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Hey there @Beautymates,

I completely understand your frustration with emails going to the Promotions tab in Gmail. While this sorting process is powered by algorithms that are not made public, we do have a few recommendations on what you can do to help emails land in the Primary tab. You can make an appeal to your audience by asking them to drag your newsletters over to their Primary tab for easy access to your brand messaging. Be sure that your emails are personalized. Fewer personalized emails tend to end up in the Promotions tab.

More information on this can be found in the article About Gmail's Tabbed Inbox.


Hope this helped! I would love to hear if @Jessie Sigler has any suggestions as well :)

Hi Alex,


thanks for your reply. But I mean the “Please Confirm Subscription” E-Mail, the Double Opt-In Mail. I do not have much room for personalization there.

There seems to be a difference from the regular Opt-In Mails send by the Klaviyo standard Process (Customer fills out Form and confirms via the Double Opt In Mail). This “standard” Double Opt-In Mail does not go to the promotions Tab. But the Flow E-Mail with the same Content as the “standard” Double Opt-In Mail does. So how can I fix this? This mail seems to be treaded different. The Problem is, that if I use Facebook Lead Ads, but cannot ask for Double Opt-In in an efficient way, the Facebook Ads become useless, at least for gdpr countries.

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Hi there Patrick @Beautymates,


An inbox provider, at most, will tell Klaviyo if they are accepting the email or not. Your sending reputation is developed over time as a combination or sending behavior and infrastructure. Inbox providers look at a number of identifiers to determine where to place your emails. This includes open and click rates, unsubscribes, spam complaints, etc. However, these methods for how inbox providers determine the placement of your emails aren't public.

Since you are creating your own Flow email as a “double opt-in” replacement, there could be a large amount of reasons as to why your email is ending up in promotions or spam or where ever it might end up. The Klaviyo double opt-in does have the possibility to end up in those areas too. However, the difference is that we have created those emails to have limited customization options so that they have a high success rate of ending up in the Primary tab.
There are two factors to consider when you're looking to improve your deliverability and reduce the number of emails being sent to promotions/ spam. One is regarding the content of your email and the other has to do with your sender reputation.
If you are concerned your emails might be getting placed in promotions, spam, or junk, we highly recommend comparing your opens to these benchmarks.

To summarize, why emails end up in promotions/ spam is entirely dependent on how inbox providers like Gmail and Yahoo track how recipients interact with emails from your domain.


Hope that clarifies things,