Problems migrating from Constant Contact using the Klaviyo Integration, anyone figure out this API Key?

  • 29 September 2021
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Attempting to migrate Constant Contact data to Klaviyo using the Integration tool and wondering if anyone has cracked this code recently, and can share steps on creating the API keys on the Constant Contact side of things? Keep running into error messages.

I have followed the instructions provided from Klaviyo to the T, but keep running into the same error message. Have chatted with support for a few hours, no luck…

For what its worth, I did notice the instructions from Klaviyo may be outdated… They mention a V2 API generator from Mastery that Constant Contact uses to create API’s, however it appears that Constant Contact now uses a V3 API generator, with different screens and set up process. Not sure if this is the issue?

Creating the API keys on the Constant Contact side of the house isn’t the smoothest, which Im sure isnt helping.

Any and all help welcome.



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Welcome to the Community! We are happy to have you! 


Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues as you migrate over from Constant Contact! If users encounter issues as they Integrate from Constant Contact, it’s best practice to walk through these initial steps to see if the issue rectifies itself:

  • confirm you’re using the correct API secret and API key
  • remove integration 
  • log out 
  • clear cache and cookies 
  • reintegrate with Constant Contact


When you say you’re having a hard time creating the API key in Constant Contact, do you mean that you’re unable to receive an API key from your Constant Contact application, meaning the application being rejected, or you cannot find it in your Constant Contact account? 


I can see that you have a support ticket open with our colleagues and they are still investigating this issue for you! As the Community is more of a collaborative space to share general questions and best practices, our Customer Support team is able to do a deep-dive into your account to investigate the issue. I am interested to hear if the V2 vs V3 API generator might be the issue!


Please share with the Community what the issue is in your account as it would benefit future users who might also run into this scenario! 


Thanks for being a part of the Community! 




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The Klaviyo team saved the day. Turns out I was doing everything correctly, however there ended up being an issue with the integration on Klaviyo’s end. For anyone wondering, using the 2.0 API set up on Constant Contact works just fine (at the time of this posting). Happy to report all has been resolved with the integration and everything working as it should.

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So happy to hear that your issue was resolved and thank you for clarifying what exactly the error was to help any future users who might experience this problem as well! 


Sharing our insight for the benefit of others is what makes the Community great. 





Was this a comped migration?

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Hi @mhmedia


I’m sorry would you mind clarifying what you mean here? 




I’m running into something different in this integration process. I’m following the suggested Klaviyo steps:


But on step 5 of Enable the Integration in Klaviyo, clicking “Connect to Constant Contact” - this takes me to Constant Contact, but logs me out and I can log back in with the directed link. I have to go to Constant Contact’s main login page, log in, but then I have no direction on where to go. Anybody know what the problem is here?