Woocommerce Plugin deactivated

  • 3 August 2022
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i was able to successfully install the woocommerce integration. The Klaviyo plugin is also activated.

After a couple of days i checked the integration and the plugin was deactivated? Is there a reason for this? I don’t see any integration errors, and data is getting synced without any issues








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2 replies

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thank you so much. This is exactly what happened.

I will use your suggestions.





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Hello @lumotion,

That’s certainly not an ideal behavior!

Out of curiosity, are you by chance cloning your production site or database at all? Cloning a site or database over will lead to the deactivation of the plugin in production if it were deactivated within the cloned site. This is an expected behavior since the WooCommerce plugin is so tightly coupled with your Klaviyo account which is meant to work on a 1:1 basis. 

Essentially, since both your production site and cloned site/database share the same plugin details associated with your production site’s Public API key/Klaviyo.js, deactivating one of the plugin (from either the production or cloned site) will have a ripple effect that impacts the other sites sharing the same plugin. Because of this, we recommend that you deactivate your production plugin before cloning your site, and then reactivate the production plugin after your clone is complete.

If you weren’t cloning your site or database, I would suggest double checking with your WooCommerce backend to see if there may have been any errors that could have caused the plugin to become deactivated through some other means. Often times, I’ve seen this occur due to some sort of server error that causes a disconnect between the Klaviyo and WooCommerce integration where the integration itself was able to recover; while the plugin may require a manual re-connection. 

I hope this helps!