403 Error when connecting the Klaviyo WP plugin to our Klaviyo account.

  • 17 April 2023
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Dear community,


Unfortunately we passed the 60 days timeframe for support on our free account. We had some delaying challenges with our e-commerce store and now noticed that the Klaviyo Wordpress plugin wasn’t activated. So when trying to connect with our Klaviyo account again it gives us this 403 error.

What can I do this fix this?


Kind regards,


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Hi @Kono, welcome to the community!

I’m not super versed in WooCommerce as a platform, but it sounds like you’re having some kind of permissions or access issues between Klaviyo and your site.  Have you checked out this previous thread? 

In that scenario, there was a Firewall that was blocking access from Klaviyo. The troubleshooting steps also recommends checking your access permissions if you’re using Cloudflare or your web server configurations (Apache, NGINX) to allow the Klaviyo agent access your site that might be blocked.


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Looks like that site is also in the Netherlands. Welkom hier op de community!

I'll continue in English for others to be able to follow.

There are 2 options, you can activate the account a select to lowest package for the time being, this will get you support from Klaviyo or you can go over the issue yourself.

What I've seen happening from time to time is that there is some kind of firewalling that blocks connections resulting in errors. So please check if this is not happening on your end.

Then if you get other errors make sure to check the woocommerce/wordpress logs to find what the issue can be. Sometimes it's lack of rights or misconfig somewhere.

In some cases re-installing works magic as well.

If I'm not mistaken, Klaviyo will sometimes disable the integration if they've tried multiple times without success so some help from Klaviyo is also helpful to get the exact errors they're seeing.


Hopelijk helpt dit?


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