Abandon cart emails being sent to customers no matter what

  • 1 February 2022
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Hi, My abandon cart emails are being sent to customers who have placed orders, customers who have set up subscription orders, and even to me when I tested adding something to the cart, never checking out, removing it from the cart within a minute or two.

I checked my flow trigger and have several people in the queue who have placed orders who are showing as not having placed orders.

It seems to be sending no matter what. How do I fix this? Thanks for your help.


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3 replies

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So odd! Can you send a screenshot of your flow trigger and flow filters?

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@frangipani - @Mailbox Manny is on the right track.  Typically if you’re getting the wrong people in a Flow, the first place is to check is the Trigger Filter and/or Flow Filter rules.  

One possible explanation that I’ve seen in the past is if you are using a third party app for your Subscription orders, and you’re only getting Abandoned cart emails for those, it’s possible that it isn’t passing the Placed Order event to Klaviyo if it’s handled outside of Bigcommerce.  

Although you did mention that some “Placed Orders” events are showing people as not having placed orders, this is a bit strange.  But on the same hypothesis, some Subscription platforms do also process one-time purchase items as well - and if it doesn’t pass that purchase into Bigcommerce (or that app isn’t integrated with Klaviyo), then Klaviyo doesn’t have the data for a “Placed Order” event. 

Finally, did you implement a custom Abandoned Cart event/metric to Klaviyo?  In your explanation, you mentioned you’ve tried adding things to cart (but did not start the checkout process) yet still received an email from the Abandoned Cart Flow.  Natively, that Flow should only be triggered when a “Started Checkout” event has occurred (user enters in an email on the first step of checkout).  If you’re getting an email before this, then I suspect you might have a custom Abandoned Cart metric/event documented here: Guide to Creating an "Added to Cart" Event for BigCommerce

This highly depends on what Subscription platform or software you’re using, how it’s integrated into Bigcommerce and/or Klaviyo.  So if you can share some context, I think we can help you figure out what’s going on.


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I ended up diagnosing this with chat support and we determined it is only actually happening with subscription orders through Subscrimia.  @retention was on to something! :) I have discussed with Big Commerce and Subscrimia. We will see if they take action to fix it. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I really appreciate it!