Adding tracking link to e-mails from Magento 2

  • 25 February 2022
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We are integrating our Magento 2 with Klaviyo.


I would like for us to move all of our transactional e-mails to Klaviyo. 

How do we “send” the track and trace link from our Magento setup to Klaviyo?


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2 replies

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Use the Magento API key you created to enable the Magento 1 integration in Klaviyo.

Log into your kkaviyo account and click on the integration tab on the left hand sidebar. Navigate to the all integration tab and find the Magento integration and then click add to integrate it 


Hope this is going to help 

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Hey @boversoe,

Can you provide more details into what you mean by “send the track and trace link from our Magento setup to Klaviyo?” Are you referring to how tracking details are able to be shared to Klaviyo to be referenced and used within the Klaviyo transactional emails? 

If so, then I would actually disagree with @Global_sale1’s solution as neither Magento 1 (which technically has been depreciated) nor Magento 2 actually pass such tracking details to Klaviyo to utilize by default. Instead, you’ll typically want to either leverage a third-party shipping provider who has an integration with Klaviyo such as ShipStation or AfterShip. Alternatively, you can also also pass these events to Klaviyo via a custom event. 

I explained this in greater detail in a similar Community post which i’ve included below:

I hope this helps!