Allowing customers to edit their order for upsells / shipping upgrades

  • 5 August 2022
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Hi all,

I run a small store that only sells a few products, everything is managed in a Google Sheet and I'm hoping there is a way I can streamline upsells and shipping upgrades without the need of manual emails back and forth with the customer.

We sell one specific product that has a regular version and pro version, 80% of customers opt for the pro version (which is way better). I am hoping to email the customer post checkout IF the customer purchases the regular version via Klaviyo encouraging the customer to upgrade and to simply pay the upgrade fee (~$15). Another example of this is when a customer pays for standard shipping and then later wants to upgrade to express, it would be so much easier if I could send them a link (via Klaviyo, not via Shopify as I'm aware this is possible) and they could pay the difference and their existing order ID will be updated.

tl:dr: Can I send a specific link to the customer automatically that will allow them to purchase an additional product that will automatically update their existing order ID?


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Hi there @neslex


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Yes, we can definitely accomplish some of what you’re looking for here! We have an awesome documentation explaining how to set up a cross-sell flow. I’d recommend you set up the ‘Ordered Product’ Event as the Flow’s trigger and use the VariantID of the regular item in the trigger filter, so you can create product specific flows asking them to upgrade to the pro version of the product in the email. However, we cannot upgrade any order IDs within Klaviyo as our platform doesn’t engage with product payments. I would start a conversation with Shopify, or whatever ecommerce platform you’re using, to see if there is a way the platform can upgrade the fee for the pro version on their site. Since this would be an ecommerce platform feature to implement I would direct you to their support or community to see if this is possible! 


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