API rate limit question

  • 28 November 2023
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I am iterating over several thousands of profiles to update them.  Am I reading this correctly?
It says Steady: 700/m for the rate limit?  Does this mean I can update 700 per minute ongoing without a problem?


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From a single IP address I mean.

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And what is S M L XL?

Unless otherwise documented, all API endpoints use one of the following rate limits:

    S: 3/s burst; 60/m steady
    M: 10/s burst; 150/m steady
    L: 75/s burst; 700/m steady
    XL: 350/s burst; 3500/m steady

What is my account then?  How do I know if I’m an S?  And if so why does say 700/m?  now its 60m? 

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Hi @kenw232!

To answer your first question, yes, 700/m as long as you stay under the burst limit. 


As far as your second question about the documentation, the sizes S, M, L, and XL apply to the different limits for endpoints, not accounts - each endpoint may be subject to a different rate limit based on that scale.


I hope this helps!