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  • 23 April 2024
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Hello, one of our clients has a lead form and it works great. We even have a flow of emails setup after if they still havent purchased. This issue is that this is integrated and setup through wordpress.


I want to simplify the process and have more control over who receives the second/third reminder email. We already have the Klaivyo account setup and running, but could we add an API key to the original lead forms on the site and control the emails from there. While also making sure the client can recieve an email when a lead form has been filled out? 

2 replies

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Hi @SEOGrow!

Just so I understand - are you essentially asking if you can control the wordpress flow/emails from Klaviyo, instead of creating a Klaviyo flow that accomplishes the same thing?

- Brian

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Essentially, what I am asking is whether it is possible to integrate an existing form with Klaviyo using an API key to synchronise data, rather than creating a new form within Klaviyo. Once the form is linked, I would then like to set up new email automation workflows in Klaviyo based on the data collected from the existing form.