[API] What happens to events registered before /identify call?

  • 18 April 2022
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Hi! I recently finished integrating my ecommerce (custom code, no vendor) with Klaviyo.

Imagine you’re a first time visitor, the events that will be logged are the following, in order:

  • Active on site
  • Viewed product
  • Added to cart
  • Started checkout
  • Identify (email)
  • Identify (first name, last name)
  • Placed order (server side)
  • Ordered product (server side)

So, when testing, I realized that events prior to the Identify calls will not be retroactively recognized when the customer finally inputs his email.

This means most of the events I’m interested in will not be registered for first time visitors. Example: I’ll have a person’s email, but the Started Checkout event will not be registered, which is arguably the most important event in ecommerces, because it happened prior to the Identify call,

I could log Started Checkout after the user submits his email (and /identify has been successfully called). Although it is not the logical order of events happening, that would not matter as customers that dont input their emails ever are inactionable from Klaviyo.

But in the case of Viewed Product and Added to Cart, it would take a more complex setup, such as locally registering events and timestamps and then make multilple calls when the email is finally submitted.

So my question is, are Viewed Product and Added to Cart events relevant enough to put the extra effort on registering those events previous to a customer submitting their emails? Looks like it does not, otherwise Klaviyo would operate that way or many customers would have the same problem, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

Thank you :)!


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Hey @Brosi 

Thank you for such a great question! 

Although there is incredible value in the Viewed Product and Add to Cart metrics, they are unusable without an email address to send your flows to. So you are correct that obtaining their email address and consent is the priority and then registering the event data.