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  • 11 October 2022
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Why doesn’ Klaviyo support attachments directly within the email? I have noticed that SendGrid supports it and therefore should Klaviyo as SendGrids core API is being used to deliver emails through Klaviyo marketing platform. 

It’s a big disadvantage that we cannot directly attach documents within the email as most of our B2B customers are automatically processing our invoice emails, and their system cannot “click to download” but require the invoice to be attached.

We are currently adding a button in our emails which works fine for B2C, but not for B2B.

This means we cannot send invoices through Klaviyo properly as we need to first send it to the buyer which then has to download via the button and attach it themselves.

This feature should be pretty easy for the development team to add as the directory/link to file is added in the JSON from our ERP same as we already do for the button.

4 replies

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Hello @foers,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

Similar to how we don’t allow embedded content such as surveys, forms, videos, and other widgets in an email template, we don’t support email attachments to prevent triggering spam filters, decrease email load time, and protect the security of the recipients. Just like how inbox providers are wary of embedded content, attachments are no different where they’re seen as a potential security threat to the recipient. 

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Hi there,

Thank you, i’ve been using Klaviyo for many years but did not see this part until now :)

I thought it would be related to something similar, however that does not justify completely excluding the possibility of attaching files. It should be up to the user of your platform to decide and not Klaviyo.

I do understand that email filters are more likely to prevent delivery of a message if it contains attachments but simply excluding is not the solution.

There are several ways you could enable this feature to obey the security aspect. If someone wants to send malicious emails, they will do it nevertheless if you are blocking the feature to upload attachments or not. It sounds more like a blanket excuse not to develop this further.

In our case we would not like to send attachments in our regular emails as mentioned, but for our transactional invoice emails are they are not manually read when it comes to B2B. I am sure your company as well as ours are using automated processing of attachments, just like the majority of all SMBs that have gotten somewhere in their digitization.

We pay for a premium service, then it must also deliver premium. I'm happy with what you've built and launched recently but your neglect of this means we can't fully use Klaviyo as we want. We have a fantastic integration between our ERP and Klaviyo where more or less all our emails are sent through your system, but unfortunately our customers find it a bit strange that we cannot attach files to our emails.

A possible solution is that you handle attachments verification in the same way as you handle the marking of transactional emails. We have about 30 transactional emails that we needed to get verified by your customer service, why not also attachments?

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Hey @foers,

I hear you loud and clear! Especially on the aspects regarding malicious actors sending emails regardless of the guardrails set in place. 

I’ll share your insightful feedback thoughts with our Product Team! 

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Hi @David To,

Thanks for you reply!

I really hope we can get further on this issue. I have tried through your customer service to get my message across, but I understand that you prioritized differently. Which is okay, but I still think there is something to be gained here for you as a platform. We may use Klaviyo a little differently than the majority of users, but I know several companies using Klaviyo today that send invoices separately because of this.

The whole point of Klaviyo is to have a unified flow of messages, which we really love. The solution we have today is to separately deliver the invoices via our own smtp or ask the customer to do so. Not as good as it could be… Next to all emails, except personal and customer service is managed within Klaviyo with all its advantages, we also hope to be able to deliver this information through same channel. Looking more professional for us, delivered from same server as everything else and tracked same way.

I really hope the Product Team can catch up on this topic, please let them contact me if anything.