Authentication Problem for new API, i am using correct api

  • 5 March 2023
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  errors: [
      id: 'de016172-6f39-4cf6-b4f7-a0163fbc7301',
      status: 401,
      code: 'not_authenticated',
      title: 'Authentication credentials were not provided.',
      detail: 'Missing or invalid authorization scheme. Please use Klaviyo-API-Key.',
      source: [Object]


i am using correct api to be specific but i do not why i am failing authentication

used this code



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4 replies

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correct authentication is 


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Hello, i’m trying to do like the example here :

But i always get a 401 even if i send my authorization like above. See my screenshot



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Hi @bproulx!

There’s essentially 3 likely causes of this issue, if you are certain the authentication statement is correctly formatted:

  1. There’s a typo in the private API key.
  2. The API key does not have the correct scope. (for example, READ permissions is not sufficient to create a profile)
  3. If you are trying to make a server-side request (like Create Profile) on the client-side, which would elicit a CORS error. For client-side requests, you could use this endpoint instead:




in klaviyo oauth2 authentication when request for token its give error "{     "error": "invalid_request",     "error_description": "Missing \"code\" in request." }" , but i put code in request