Back in store with Woocommerce

  • 15 February 2024
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Is there any way to make the back in store flow with WooCommerce?


I found old info, I would like to know is there any new update


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3 replies

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I and many others have been asking for this for years, never any clear idea if/when it’ll ever happen. Always a focus on Shopify instead.

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It would be great to have Klaviyo support this. However, if this helps you, this is how I approach back-in-stock lists & notifications for WooC. Not elegant and semi-manual, but it works:

  • Add a ‘notify me’ button to your product page that triggers a Klaviyo pop-up form on a custom trigger. That form pushes subscribers to your product’s waitlist.
  • When the product is back in stock, hide the ‘notify me’ button and send a back-in-stock campaign to the product’s waitlist.

You’d need to repeat the above for each product, which is where it gets unworkable if you have many products. Fortunately for my WooC client, they have few products, and they don’t go out of stock often.

I think it’s possible to refine this approach so that you only need to create one pop-up form and one waitlist. However, that would require the addition of a custom Klaviyo event script that listens for the form submit event, grabs the url of the product page, and pushes that to a profile custom property so you can segment your waitlist by the products they want to be notified about.  That custom property would need to be a list type: a contact may submit multiple notification forms and, therefore, multiple product URLs.

I’d be interested if others in the community have a better workaround!

As @JordanC26 says, Shopify back-in-stock just works - automagically!



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Hey @PAJ GPS, as far as I know, WooCommerce’s standard catalog does not include inventory; as a result, the back in stock flow cannot currently be implemented with the standard WooCommerce catalog. There are a number of WooCoommerce plugins that might do the trick. Example: