Best Practice for Shopify Markets + Klaviyo

  • 15 January 2022
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31 replies

Is there already progress on the integration with Shopify Markets. 

We are wondering how to translate fields in the popup-form for out Markets Store, which has 3 languages enabled (NL, DE and EN). 


Whats the update on this?

update? or at least is there a planning?

Hi Klaviyo Team

Still no update on this topic, even it was mentioned by you guys on this thread?

Very much needed to have a solution here.

Badge +3

Im also curious now


I’ve also got a number of clients asking for this feature. Any update from Klaviyo would be welcome.

The best solution I’ve found so far is to create a custom product catalog, together with custom tagging of customers by the locale Shopify designates. This has a bunch of cons though, and is not that simple to get off the ground. For example, you generally have to use custom product blocks instead of the built in ones, to be able to access localised pricing information contained within a custom product feed.

This post from the Klaviyo Developer Blog explains some different approaches, but they all have cons attached: