Best Practice for Shopify Markets + Klaviyo

  • 15 January 2022
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Hello People,

I have found this post: 

The recommendation here is to run multiple stores + Klaviyo accounts… Shopify Markets is in Beta now, the benefit is to sell to multiple markets from one store. Therefore, the recommendation seems to be a bit outdated, since the benefit of Shopify Markets is to sell internationally from one single store. As far as I understood, it is more ore less the same technology and options Shopify offers today but bundled differently. 

We currently run our store in EN but are about to add DE as a second language. Customer marketing+forms and so on has to be bilingual too. 

Is there a Best Practice approach how to run (lists, flows, forms, content, ...) in multiple languages without unnecessary overhead?



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30 replies

Is there already progress on the integration with Shopify Markets. 

We are wondering how to translate fields in the popup-form for out Markets Store, which has 3 languages enabled (NL, DE and EN). 


Whats the update on this?

update? or at least is there a planning?

Hi Klaviyo Team

Still no update on this topic, even it was mentioned by you guys on this thread?

Very much needed to have a solution here.

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Im also curious now