Bolt x Klaviyo Integration

  • 1 February 2024
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I am working on setting up our WooCommerce store with Klaviyo. Everything so far is going well except for one, yet critical component. We use Bolt ( ) for our checkout. They essentially override the standard WooCommerce checkout. Because of this, we have to get Klaviyo and Bolt integrated. Does anyone have any experiencing doing this integration?

We’re getting stuck on having Bolt pass along the “Started Checkout” event into Klaviyo.

Thanks in advance!


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3 replies

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Hi @shanermp!

At this time, Klaviyo does not natively integrate with Bolt, so we don’t have any insight into how they would handle passing the Started Checkout event. That said, it might be more effective to reach out to their support for this matter, or to one of our Official Klaviyo partners for further development help.


I will also reach out internally to our Product team to see if there are any plans to support Bolt, and I’ll update the thread if anything changes.




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Just dropping in here to help answer this if anyone else needs it. As of the date of this comment, all you need to do is take your public Klaviyo API key/site ID (this can be found in your Klaviyo dashboard under Settings>Account>API Key) and enter it into the settings on Bolt within WooCommerce. You can get to the Bolt setting by going WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Bolt > Manage. Then look for the settings in the screenshot below and input your information. Save your settings. You should start seeing the Started Checkout metric working.


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@shanermp Thanks for coming back and sharing the solution!