Consent Mode Implementation

  • 8 February 2024
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Due to the requirements set from the Digital Market Act, we are revising our implementation of klavyio on a Shopify in PVA.
As of now the implementation works through 2 separate tags, one that works (without issues) as described in this guide:
And another that works by using a Full Integration Model from TagManager Library.
The problem we are encountering is that the event required as a trigger for this implementation happens before Consent is set, making it impossible for this tag to be "legally" used.
More specifics about the tag in question attached in the screenshot, unfortunately, it being integrated by a previous agency, we do not have any relevant documentation.

The key question on this message is, will it work without the second implementation, If so, will we loose data and/or specific functionalities?
And in case that second implementation is required, is it possible the firing of the tag is delayed to a different event after consent is set and updated?


1 reply

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Hi @marco.magistroni!

I am going to check on this internally and I’ll update the thread ASAP!