Creating an email flow based on Delivery Date

  • 12 December 2022
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Hello! I am the most novice, novice there is when it comes to Klavyio. I have set up all of my flows, however, I need to streamline the process so that I am not manually sending them to customers.  We run a cold-pressed juice business and cannot calculate the timeline of production like a fashion company might. 


When a customer places an order we need to send emails based on their delivery date, not when the order itself was made. As every customer will have different delivery dates, and periods between order placed and expected delivery, I am really curious about how I can do this in Klavyio, and if this is at all possible.


Example: Someone buys a juice cleanse on December 1st, Wednesday. They want it delivered December 6th, Monday. We have a journey setup so that people get an email upon purchasing, an email 2 days before cleansing to prepare themselves, an email the day of when we are delivering it and then an email every day throughout the cleanse and 2 days after. 


(We also use WooCommerce.)


I would appreciate any ounce of help.


Thank you so much!


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Hey @Peyton - xpressed juice welcome to the community. Have you see Date Property Triggered Flows? Below is the Klaviyo help article on it.


I think that may be what you’re looking for, the answer I don’t have for you is how to get that date onto the customer profile in Klaviyo (I’m sure it can be done, I just haven’t done it before) - will let another community member chime in on that part 👀