[Custom api] Get profile from Shopify customer id

  • 28 February 2023
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I’m currently working on a custom api that lets you update custom properties on a klaviyo profile for use on my Shopify store.

However, I have an issue. I cannot seem to fetch a Klaviyo profile based off of a Shopify customer id? How do i fetch the Klaviyo profile associated with a specific Shopify customer?

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Best answer by Brian Turcotte 1 March 2023, 07:27

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2 replies

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So after a big of digging I’ve found that you can retrieve a Profile ID from an email by using the legacy api.

But how future proof is this?


I imagine calling this endpoint first, to retrieve the Klaviyo Profile ID, then using the latest Klaviyo API to update the custom properties using the Update Profile endpoint:

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Hi @Fischeren!


That’s a good point and interesting use case. I will definitely reach out to Product and/or Engineering to determine if this functionality (or an equivalent) will be included in the new APIs at some point. 


I’ll update the thread as soon as I know more, and thanks for using the Community!


- Brian