Custom fields from Woocommerce to Klaviyo

  • 31 May 2021
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Hi. I’d like to bring in a field from customer order data (event) into Klaviyo as I would like to use this data in flows:


For a Woocommerce subscription product - the _delivery_date is generated automatically based on the customer post code & order date. When the subscription is renewed, the delivery date changes to the upcoming delivery date.

Objective: I would like to use this event to trigger a flow to send an email on the Monday before delivery - “reminding people to make any changes before delivery” & on the delivery date to send a “Your order is coming today - don’t forget to put your boxes out for collection”.

How do I bring this field from Woocommerce into Klaviyo so I can do this? 

(Oh and would these flows be considered transactional?)


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Hello @Leona Skene,

Love the strategy you are using!

Since this custom field of _delivery_date is not a default field synced to Klaviyo, I would recommend leveraging Klaviyo’s API to sync this data to Klaviyo. You can find resources on how Klaviyo’s API functions to sync this custom data from the articles below:

For this particular use case, I would recommend either syncing this custom field as its own custom event/metric to allow you to build a metric triggered flow off of it. Alternatively, you can also use the API to sync this _delivery_date field as a custom profile property which would allow you to build a date triggered flow off of this data. Since this would be a custom solution, we would recommend reaching out and working with developer you are familiar with or finding a Klaviyo partner who can assist in this endeavor to achieve your goal.

Furthermore, since these emails would pertain to a customer’s order with important information, so long as they adhere to Klaviyo’s transactional email guidelines found in the Guide to Using Flows to Send Transactional Emails article, these emails can certainly be considered transactional. Keep in mind that transactional emails are an essential, non-marketing email and would not contain any marketing materials. Once your flow and email are created with your desired content, you can request the email be marked as transactional by contacting our Customer Success team and use the subject line "Transactional Email Request" while including the below information in your message body:

  • URL link(s) to the flow(s)
  • Flow name(s)
  • Subject line of the email(s) that are transactional

Hope this helps! Thanks for being a member of the Community!


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@Leona Skene, Did you get this figured out?
I am looking for a developer to do this for my woocommerce transactional email flow.


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Hey @Cwhs We’ve built some custom integrations between WooCommerce and Klaviyo including the Klaviyo Toolkit plugin which supports WooCommerce Subscriptions. I’d love to learn more about what you’re looking to do and see if it’s something we can help with. Feel free to reach out:

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After reading all the support documents ad naseum, I wonder, why doesn’t support suggest the Zapier solution to this problem?

Zapier is the quickest solution to port Woocommerce custom field data to Klaviyo.

  1. Connect Woocommerce → Zapier
  2. Connect Klaviyo → Zapier
  3. Select Woocommerce trigger → when order is placed (or when order is updated, if for fields such as tracking number, etc)
  4. Select Klaviyo Create New Event, configure with metric, billing address, order number, and custom fields

See setup here or attached

Works for Metric-based trigger emails (Order is Shipped, Order is Ready for Pickup, etc), could be adapted for base Order Placed email. 

My dummy data doesn’t have a value for carrier in this example, but this does work in my setup to get real client woocommerce order data into Klaviyo.




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Hi there @mandm,

Thank you for the suggestion regarding the resource. Although we don't explicitly suggest zapier, zapier is actually a tech partner of Klaviyo. Since there are so many different customers that have different approaches to custom aspects for Klaviyo, we do not explicitly suggest one solution over another. We encourage all community members to share what worked for them so we can create a discussion and educate ourselves and others!

Have a good day!


Hi Guys, 

I have a Woocommerce and I want to use Klaviyo for my transactional emails espacialy to communicate the tracking number. 

When I receive a new order, my warehouse attribute automatically a tracking number when he validates the order. It is a custom field.

I tried Zapier to fill in the tracking number in Klaviyo's order information but I only have to make it a metric so it doesn't work. I don't show the number in the flow step preview information.
Before I did it easily in Mailchimp. 


I don’t have the same metric as Mandm juste above. It is suposed to be “Order shiped” but I don’t this field, only Active on site, the tracking number 😑, added to cart or viewed product.

Do you know how to adjust my settings so that I can insert the tracking number in emails?