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  • 6 December 2021
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Hi there,


I tried adding a new data feed… however, after I click the button “Save Data Feed” this error below appeared:


“Error fetching feed: The URL specified returned a 404 status code. Your feed must return an HTTP 200 response to be valid.”


Asking for help on how can I troubleshoot this..


Thank you so much!


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Hello @Karz,

Since the error message you are receiving indicates a 404 status code, I would suggest ensuring the Feed URL you are using is entered correctly and hosted on an accessible page. 

From my experience, the most common reason why you may run into any errors when setting up a new data feed pertains to the feed not being hosted on an accessible page or hosted on a private page. I’ve also seen instances where the feed may not be fully saved and generated on the hosting source to be accessed; which would cause this 404 error. 

I may also recommend taking a look and referencing our Guide to Adding a Custom Web Feed in an Email Help Center article if you haven’t already. 

I hope this helps!


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I got the chance to resolve it earlier. Thank you so much for getting back at me. I highly appreciate it!


What I am frustrated about is that I can’t figure out how to add the custom metric “leaves a review” or something like that as a flow metric.


Do you have any tutorial video on how I can add that metric?


Thanks again, David! :)

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Hey @Karz,

Glad you were able to get your data feed up and running!

To set up a custom metric, I would suggest taking a look at the available resources we have on leveraging Klaviyo’s API in building your own events which i’ve included below:

When working with custom work, we also strongly recommend working with a developer you are familiar with for further assistance. If you are in need of one, I would suggest finding a Klaviyo Partner from the directory page to further help you in building out and passing this custom event to Klaviyo to build your flow off of. 


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Thanks, :relaxed: