Does Typeform Send List data type custom properties from Typeform to Klaviyo?

  • 16 September 2022
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Hey guys,

I’m working with a client who uses forms to collect data about their customers when they’re registered products they’ve purchased. We want to send data from this form to Klaviyo, to enrich our customer profile.

So when they register a product, that links to a registered_product custom profile property in Klaviyo. It’s set as a List data type because we want to be able to store multiple values, and track each product they register. Does anyone have experience syncing a Typeform field with a Klaviyo custom property that has a List data type?

I’m concerned the integration only supports syncing of custom properties that have the Text/String data type… 


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 19 September 2022, 17:30

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2 replies

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Hi @ebusiness pros


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


I’ve never heard of using Typeform quizzes to collect registered products that clients have bought, what a great idea!


I can confirm that Typeform does pass List Data types. You will be able to save multiple values for the ‘registered_product’ property. Additionally, you will be able to  segment off of your Typeform data  and use "contains" in the segment builder which can be built like this: Properties About Someone > Registered_Product > Contains > ___________(all the answers users have inputted in this property).


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Great, thank you @Taylor Tarpley!


That’s super helpful to know.