Elementor Forms + Klaviyo integration - not working?

  • 7 March 2021
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Hello! I’m currently building my website and it’s my first time using Klaviyo with Elementor Pro.

Website: Film Cereal

I’m using Woo Commerce and Elementor Pro as my theme builder. I chose this because it said it has seamless integration with Klaviyo. I’d like to use Elementor Forms to design my popups and newsletter signup forms because Klaviyo has very limited customization for non-developers (i don’t code). I followed a tutorial by Thong Nguyen and used his plugin Include Klaviyo for Elementor.

I followed his steps but when I tested, it wasn’t working. It says that the “submission” has been made but the confirmation email never arrives and nothing is added to the list.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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I used the free version of MailOptin plugin to connect my website’s forms to Klaviyo and it’s seamless. This is the link I found online that might help you setup

Hope that helps.


ibrahim_thinks I can confirm it works perfectly! MailOptin does have a Lite version that is free. Link in the FAQs. 

Indeed Contact form 7 is not as customizable as Elementor forms.

This solution is the best one.

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I used the free version of MailOptin plugin to connect my website’s forms to Klaviyo and it’s seamless. This is the link I found online that might help you setup

Hope that helps.

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Hello! I have had the same problem connecting klaviyo forms to a Wordpress Elementor website. I tried searching the web and have used the YouTube videoes and suggestions that is listed here. Nothing worked.

But today I found a solution that works perfectly. This YouTube video explains it all: 


So basically you just have to do the following:

  1. Download the plugin “Advanced Form Integration”
  2. Download the plugin “Contact Form 7”
  3. Go to the “Advanced Form Integration” plugin and go to settings. Select Klaviyo, paste your Klaviyo Private API Key (Klaviyo profile - settings - API Keys) and save.
  4. Add New Integration. Input the settings shown in the YouTube Video.
  5. Add your Contact Form 7 on your page via Elementor.
  6. That’s it! Test to see if it runs perfect. 

Hope this helps!

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This is actually great help. I agree with - hopefully Klaviyo comes up with a full integration with Elementor Forms. It’s all good, though. I hired a developer to help me fix the code so I might just end up using Klaviyo form builder. Just want to make sure these are all seamless before we launch. Thank you @cassy.lee !

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Hi Cassy, you’re welcome thank you. I ended up using the Klaviyo form builder. It’s not as polished or custom looking as my elementor form was but it will do the trick. With the added benefit of mobile number integrated I think it’s actually better. With that said, It would be nice to have full integration with elementor pro like mailchimp has. 


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Hi @pwekkwong

Thanks so much for sharing this in the Community thread and appreciate you jumping in to add some additional color to your experience! I am actually not very familiar with Elementor, but I did look around to see if others in different forums have had this experience. My first thought was perhaps this was a double-opt in issue you might be having, without going into more details about your account and settings. I can pass along the feedback re: Elementor, but given that there isn’t a streamlined integration with it now, it’s something that perhaps the Tech Partners team might evaluate in the future. 

I would also echo Biota’s comment about using the Klaviyo Form builder and looking through that Help Center article. Another thing to perhaps explore are the other tech integration partners we have, listed here: If you sort by “email capture”, there might be some additional companies to explore. ConvertPro is listed here as well. 

Thanks so much for your thoughts and feedback here, 

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hey here’s another option for you.

I use for popup optin forms and I love it and it has built in Klaviyo integration! 

I’m also looking at just using the klaviyo form builder but concerned I wont get the customized integrated look I get with the elementor form builder.


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I’m having the same issue. Additionally this plugin only submits the email address to klaviyo which isn’t optimal of course. First and last name at least would be good. 

Does your email form have a custom email field name?  if so did you place that in the settings? 


Another thing I found interesting is that in his video, it shows an Action option dropdown in the elementor form settings.  But I don’t see that on my site form settings in elementor. 


There’s another plugin that offers elementor pro integration with klaviyo.

The plugin is called Advanced Form Integration, I installed the free version and it looks like you have to pay to upgrade to use it with Klaviyo. 


Honestly I think it is sad that Klaviyo plugin doesn’t have integration with elementor pro forms! 

Mailchimp has extensive integration with list tagging and much more look! Much more sophisticated