Events not Firing on Production

  • 31 March 2021
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I successfully set up Segmen/Klaviyo integration on my staging site using segment’s visual tagger. It worked perfectly to track purchases, pages viewed, etc on my site. Once i pushed everything live, all that data stopped coming into klaviyo.

Obviously the staging/production urls are different so i went into my klaviyo settings to update my URL. To no avail. Is there something i’m missing?


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2 replies

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Thanks for posting your question to the Klaviyo Community and thank you Caroline for your reply.

@OUTOFOFFICE, can you confirm if you were able to get this issue resolved using the documentation Caroline provided or otherwise? If not, feel free to provide any more detail you can and we’ll work towards a solution. 

It's super valuable when Klaviyo users are able to share their learnings, since there are likely many other business owners and brand builders that might have the same question in the future.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

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Can you clarify what URL you were attempting to update and what you meant by “to no avail”? The integration lives in Segment, not Klaviyo, so updating settings related to the integration would happen within Segment.

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