Facebook + Klaviyo integration error with multiple accounts

  • 2 November 2021
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I am having trouble with my Facebook integration for two different Klaviyo accounts I have and I’m wondering if it’s because my Klaviyo accounts sit under the same user (me) and my Facebook accounts also sit under the same user (me).

Company 1 Klaviyo + Company 1 Facebook lead ad = successfully integrated

Company 2 Klaviyo + Company 2 Facebook lead ad = successfully integrated

But then when I go back into either of these accounts, i’m getting an error message for the integration. (Klaviyo is no longer authorised to connect).

Has anyone else run into this problem?


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6 replies

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Hello @kmacnz,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

From my experience, it shouldn’t matter that your facebook accounts sits under the same user as your Klaviyo accounts. Both Klaviyo and Facebook supports multi-account access and should be able to manage users having multiple accounts access. 

Since you are getting a “Klaviyo is no longer authorized to connect”, this typically indicates some sort of authentication issue pertaining to your permissions levels. To resolve this, I would recommend double checking your permissions on both Klaviyo and your Facebook backend to ensure you have the required authorization to make these connections. Once updated, you’ll want to fully remove the Facebook integration with Klaviyo and reintegrate it again with your Klaviyo account. It also helps to clear your cookies and cache and using an incognito browser to make these connection to make sure they aren't playing a role in this disconnection.

@Jessie Sigler also has a number of Community posts pertaining to troubleshooting Facebook integration issues and the steps to resolve them. I’ve included a directory to these post below:

I hope this helps!


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What happens when you have full admin permissions and I have given klaviyo full access via fb and it is still not working. I have been trying for almost a month now to integrate klaviyo and FB for a client of mine and keep getting the same error message. I have cleared my cookies, done a private browser, unsynched and re-synced at least 25 times and still it is not working. 


Any help would be appreciated as Klaivyo support keeps sending me the same article about integrating it (which I am following) and it is still not working :(


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Hey @Alana Bellinger,

Integrating Facebook with Klaviyo can be tricky sometimes!

Since it sounds like you’re working on a client’s account and was granted admin access, were you initially the one to create the integration between Klaviyo and Facebook? If not, can you confirm if the one who did has accepted Facebook’s Terms of Service? From my experience, the user who initially created the integration between Klaviyo and Facebook would hold the integration token for the connection; think of them as owning the master key while all additional admins would have a copy of the key.

Sometimes it helps to have the initial user create the integration within the Klaviyo account, have the terms of service and permissions accepted and granted prior to having any additional admin users create any audiences or lead ad connections. If this order is disturbed such as if the terms of service were not accepted yet, other admins of the account would be unable to create these audiences and lead ad and could lead to an authentication error. 

I’ve also seen instances where although the terms of service were accepted by the token holder, during the integration process not all permissions were granted to Klaviyo. This too would cause an issue when other users attempt to create audiences and ads. Keep in mind that sometimes you may need to scroll down to see all the available permissions on the displayed page below depending on your screen size!


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Yes, it was me who did the integration. I have done it at least 30 times now (lol) and am still having issues. I have selected that Klaviyo is able to access anything it wants. This issue has been going on for almost a month now and there seems to be no solution in sight. I have recorded my steps and sent to klaviyo support and still nothing.

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Hey @Alana Bellinger,

That’s certainly not ideal! That is an odd behavior that the Facebook integration still isn’t working despite ensuring all permissions are provided, terms of service are accepted, and you are the one who create the integration. 

If you haven’t already, I may advise reaching out to Facebook support to investigate further. I’ve seen small instances where there was some disconnect within the backend of a user’s Facebook business account, Facebook ad account, and their Facebook page causing an authentication error when integrating with a third-party source such as Klaviyo. In that instance, Facebook support was able to realign the disconnect in the backend and the user was able create a new connection between Facebook and their Klaviyo account. 

When you do receive a solution from either our own Support Team or Facebook’s Support team, myself and the rest of the Community would find it extreme helpful if you could share the solutions and the findings! This way other Community members who may be running into the same issue can learn from your experience!



I am having this same issue. A friend of mine is also having the same issue and we can’t figure it out either. FB is saying that Klaviyo has all permissions and I am the one who created my business account. We’re you able to find a solution to this problem?