Facebook lead ads test tool fails

  • 17 June 2021
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HI there

I am trying the Facebook Lead Ad testing tool



I get this result:

Real Time Update ID

App ID

Subscribed Field




Error Code

Error Message







CRM access has been revoked from Lead Access Manager. Read More.

I have come across this page:


I did check through the permission and all my privileges checked out as described in this article.

It seem the Facebook Integration is ok as well.

I am trying to get the lead populated in the Facebook Lead Ad Klaviyo list.



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Hello @quantlabsnet,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

Although I’m not familiar with This Facebook Lead Ad Testing tool you are using, it appears to indicate that you may not have the proper CRM permissions from the Lead Access Manager. As the error indicates, I would recommend reviewing your Business Manager permissions again in relation to the Lead Access Manager and ensure you have the correct permissions. Once corrected, attempt to re-authenticate the Facebook Integration with Klaviyo again to update these permissions.

To re-authenticate the Facebook integration with Klaviyo, I would recommend taking the below steps:

  1. Completely remove (not Disable) the Facebook integration in Klaviyo:
  2. Log out of Klaviyo
  3. Fully clear the cache on your browser
  4. Close out of all browsers completely
  5. Log back into Klaviyo via an incognito window
  6. Re-add Facebook from the All Integrations tab:


I hope this helps!


Thanks but I spend quite a bit of time with Tyler in the Klaviyo support. He was baffled as well so it has been escalated. Everything connects with the 1 in multiple attempts where the FB tesing tool works. I would question the reliability of this functionality of lead ad integration especially when you are running paying ads to it. Let’s hope the advanced support can help.

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Hey @quantlabsnet,

Sounds great! 

When you find a solution, would you mind sharing it with the Community?

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It sounds like the Facebook testing tool is not reliable .