Getting names from Unbounce forms into Klaviyo lists

  • 4 January 2024
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Seeking a Klaviyo expert who also knows Unbounce to solve a problem for me.

Names signing up on an Unbounce landing page are not getting into my Klaviyo lists. Klaviyo says the problem is with Unbounce. Unbounce says the problem is with Klaviyo.

It’s frustrating because the names from a different Unbounce page ARE getting to Klaviyo.

I want a trouble-shooter who can find and solve the problem for me and let me know what the problem is so it won’t happen again with the next page I create.

(And it would be great to have an expert I can hire for any future problems that arise!!)



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I could be that person you’re looking for. I have over 10 years of experience developing on many multiple web platforms (WordPress, Shopify, Hubspot, and many other SaaS platforms), and 3 years of developing on Klaviyo, along with being a Klaviyo Silver Partner. (I’ve even won their monthly developer challenge.)

As for Unbounce, I know what it is, but I’ve not worked with it directly. I’m sure it’s fairly straightforward to figure out given the depth of my experience. That said, it very well could be a technical problem with either platform. No matter who you hire for this task may or may not be able to fix it, but at the very least, give you a definitive reason who’s fault it is.

If you’re interested in chatting more, the link to my website is below or feel free to send me a PM.


Hi David, Thank you for the answer. I’ve marked you down to contact when I need help in the future. Which I will, as I need to advance with this platform.

On the problem I had here, it “miraculously” cured itself two weeks after it started. Go figure(!)

Thank you,