Google Analytics 4 tracking issues

  • 9 January 2023
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We have event tracking setup using GTM (Google tag manager) and the suggested code on klaviyo’s help page. (


Event tracking form views and submissions is working perfectly in Google Universal Analytics. Unfortunate this is not the case for the new Google Analytics 4. These events are not showing up in reports. This will be a problem when Universal Analytics stops processing data.


Has anyone found a way to track klaviyo form events in G4?


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4 replies

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Hi there @RedPhive ,

Thanks for sharing.

Unfortunately, we don't currently have exact guidance on the specific snippets that should be set up for Google Analytics 4 (therefore this is currently not possible). Given how new Google Analytics 4 is, our team is still exploring this feature. In the meantime, I would suggest subscribing to our product updates on
We've put in a request so our team can review and potentially update our help center so that we can provide information regarding Google Analytics 4. 

Because Google Analytics uses link clicks to track conversions and Klaviyo uses data directly from your database, it's likely the analytics between both services won't exactly align. In general, Klaviyo’s conversion tracking is more accurate than Google Analytics.


Here is an example scenario where Google Analytics will not record a conversion: a subscriber receives an email, reads it, does not click on a link, but goes to your store and makes a purchase. Google Analytics doesn't know they read your email, but Klaviyo does. In Klaviyo, the purchase would be attributed to your email, but in Google Analytics, it would not.


It can be expected that GA4 will not always show the same data as Klaviyo's analytics. Because of this fundamental difference, we recommend deferring to Klaviyo's conversion analytics.


All the best,



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Hi @RedPhive

which CMS do you use? Shopify?


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Hey @mauromorero,

I’m using Woocomerce


Hey guys. This worked for us, the GA4 setup is very similar to what is described in the article. I hope this helps