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Which customer help desks currently integrate with Klaviyo SMS? Right now all I am aware of are Zendesk and Gorgias, and I need to explore the full functionality of those integrations further, but I’m wondering if there are any other reputable helpdesks out there that integrate effectively with Klaviyo SMS?


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Hi @JNorm, welcome to the community!

As of now, I think Klaviyo has only officially announced advanced two-way SMS integration with Zendesk and Gorgias as you mentioned.  For all other use cases, they have a built-in SMS Conversations tool in Klaviyo.  See here:

Not sure what’s on the roadmap for other helpdesk solutions, but I’m sure they will eventually come.

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@JNorm which helpdesk do you currently use.  All of my stores are on Shopify and we recently switched to Gorgias from Re:amaze (didn’t integrate with Klaviyo SMS).  


Gorgias has been fantastic so far (about 4 months in).