How can I create a Facebook Lead Ad that connects to my Klaviyo audience?

  • 28 November 2021
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I’ve integrated Facebook to my Klavyio
I’ve watched all the video, but I don’t understand what I have to put in Leads Ads facebook?)
A ad in facebook???

I want to sponsorised an ad in Facebook with my Klavyio audience and I really don’t understand how I can do this…
IF i create an ad in facebook, I can’t choose Klavyio Audience..
ANy video simple are welcome! Thank you


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4 replies

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Hi @Fanny 


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Would love to help you solve this issue. 


When creating Leads Ads that sync back to Klaviyo, it is imperative that you first have your Facebook integrated with Klaviyo and then sync your Klaviyo list with your custom audience.


Once you, sync your lists and segments with Facebook Audiences. Klaviyo pushes email addresses to a Facebook Audience in a one-way sync.

Data is synced between Klaviyo and Facebook Audiences in this way:

  • Klaviyo pushes email addresses to a Facebook Audience. 
  • Only email addresses associated with a Facebook login will be synced, so the size of your audience may not exactly match the size of your list/segment.
  • As profiles are added or removed from the list or segment, they will also be added or removed from the Facebook Audience.


Our Help Center documentation on How to Review and Understand your Facebook Integration Data will walk you through this process further to gain further insight.


We also have an Academy course that will help you integrate owned marketing with your facebook advertising strategy and explain how to create custom and lookalike audiences for Facebook while using Facebook Ads and Klaviyo together that is complete with explanatory videos! 


If you run into further issues with your Facebook Leads Ads, I would check out this helpful post in the Community for potential solutions and continued learning.


Thanks for participating in the Community! 



Hi Team,

I’m also facing the same problem. 

We are very new on Klaviyo and want to integrate Klaviyo with Meta. We are currently running Prospecting/ATC’s/ASC campaigns on Meta. Don't have any lead type ads, since we are not in service industry.

Kind of struck, since Klaviyo Integration platform not allowing us to move ahead without having Facebook lead Ads form under section - “Continue to Lead Ad Settings”, not sure what to put under facebook lead ads. Kindly help

I also refer your helpful article -,To%20do%20this%2C%20click%20your%20account%20name%20in%20the%20lower,be%20added%20to%20your%20list. (Point 14)

Awaiting your kind response!


Hi Team,

Appreciate your response! On above query!


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Hey @Manish_Bhickta,

I noticed you opened another Community post on a similar topic which I recently commented on. In case you missed it, you can find the response below: