How do I add 25% Danish sales tax in Klaviyo?

  • 29 September 2022
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Hey - I am new with Klaviyo, we are ready to start sending emails except for one problem:


Our woocommerce product feed dows not contain sales tax so I need to add 25% Danish sales tax automatically in Klaviyo.


We do not want to update products manually with the sales tax each time we send an email and we do not want to chage all the prices in Woocommerce because other systems are reliant on the prices being without sales tax and will not work if we change that.


What du I do to fix this problem?


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2 replies

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@MSW I don’t believe this can be achieved, you would have to manually update product prices. Or put a note in your email that mentions that the price does not include the 25%  Danish sales tax.

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Yeah thanks, but neither solution is very attractive.

It is a huge job to manually update product prices every time we send an email and it also leaves us volunerable to errors + we cannot use flows.

It is illegal to show prices without sales tax here unless you sell business to business (businesses get the sales tax refunded so in that case it does not matter).

There must be a real solution to this, otherwise the system would not be interesting to Danish businesses at all.

Thank you for your effort to help.