How do I sync a Klaviyo list to Mailchimp to use Facebook Mailchimp audience?

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I have a nice lead generation list being created in klaviyo. I need to sync that list to mailchimp to use the facebook mailchimp audience feature. 


How do I do this? 

I’ve already synced the two I believe…..


syncing pulls data in from mailchimp - but how do i push data into mailchimp?


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Hi @Marketingguy,

As far as I know, and that you found, Klaviyo doesn’t sync its List (or Segments) to Mailchimp - you would have to export it from Klaviyo and import it into Mailchimp.

However, I’m not sure if this will work for you, or what specific part of the Mailchimp Facebook Audience you need , but Klaviyo can also sync your List directly to Facebook as a custom audience.  In fact, any List or Segment can be synced to Facebook - so if that is your goal, you may not have to rely on Mailchimp to do this.

Check out this documentation on how to set this up:

Hope this helps!

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thanks for your reply :) 


I synced up fb and klaviyo - 

question…. i have experience with retargeting lists like this before….this one only has 36 emails from a new lead gen campaign i’m doing on fb with a lead magnet. 

i’m not getting any impressions… i’ve even tried changing some settings and duplicating these ads… but no impressions… or spend… 

is it just because there is only 36 emails I’m guessing? any experts here that know about this? 



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“ When planning your Custom Audience sync, be sure to choose a list or segment with over 100 profiles; Facebook requires a minimum of 100 profiles to create a Custom Audience. “ 


so this is the answer?