How effective is Square Space and Klaviyo?

  • 23 June 2023
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Hi Klaviyo Community,


I have a friend who has a ecommerce store on Square Space. She really wants to use Klaviyo. Before she makes the move, is it a smart idea? 

She currently uses Flodesk but it’s so limited in what it can do. 

I know I can connect the two via Zapier but I’m more concerned about the flow filters and the data that the two share - like on Shopify, I can add extensive flow filters but I don’t think this is possible with Square Space and Klaviyo? 

Looking forward to getting some guidance from you clever souls in this community! 😀


Best answer by Brian Turcotte 23 June 2023, 21:37

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Hi @smileyrox!

There’s no native integration between Klaviyo and Squarespace, so you’re intuition is correct that you may be limited in what you can achieve with the Zapier integration. However, it’s possible you could create a custom integration that would suit your demands using the following guide:


This would likely require significant development, so you’re always welcome to reach out to one of our wonderful Klaviyo partners for more help.


Also, here are some other Community threads about using Klaviyo with Squarespace that you may find helpful:


To answer your final point, the flow filtering capability will be largely dependent on the information that is sent to Klaviyo via events from Squarespace. That said, if you are looking for robust filtering, you may want to go the custom integration route to ensure that your events contain all the relevant profile information.


Thanks for using the Community!

- Brian

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Thanks @Brian Turcotte - appreciate your guidance!