How to change Logo for OAuth 2.0 ?

  • 24 April 2024
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Hey Klaviyo Community and Team,

I have created an OAuth client in www.klaviyo/com/oauth/client and generated a Client ID and Client Secret and used the same to connect to Klaviyo from my app. But whenever I do so, I am getting the default OAuth 2 logo in the Authorization page and I couldn’t find where I can change this logo to my customized logo.


Can anyone help ?

The Image Logo here



3 replies

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Hi @abhijithvs!

I will check on this internally and update the thread ASAP!

- Brian

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Thanks a lot @Brian Turcotte 

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Please let me know once there is any update on this @Brian Turcotte. As we need to proceed with the app submission and other procedures for listing.